Choosing a Rope Perch

Rope Perches: Bendable Cotton and Sisal Perches Are Comfortable!

Rope Perch
Comfy rope perches make a great addition to your bird’s cage.  Available in both cotton and sisal rope, parrots appreciate a variety of perching surfaces rather than always having to perch on a hard surface.  Tightly twisted rope offers a little cushion over and above wood perches and some birds strongly prefer them for sleeping perches.

Available in several different diameters, many of these perches feature a metal insert that makes them stiff yet bendable so that you can reshape them to fit your needs.  These perches come in a variety of lengths, some with plastic hardware and others with metal hardware.  Some of them are are long enough to stretch the width of a bird cage.

While all birds welcome a these perches, a bird with foot problems is especially grateful for the ease of standing on a more cushy perch surface and the ability to dig its toenails into the twisted rope. 

Caring For Your Perch

During your weekly cleaning, inspect the perch for fraying strings that a bird could possibly get a toe caught in.  The pictured Bungee needs a good haircut this week!  Aggressively trim all frays.  You can place your perch in a "delicate style" washing machine bag and was it in the washing machine or dishwasher. Make sure that the perch is rinsed well so your bird doesn't ingest detergent!

HINT: Cholla wood perches also make great perches for birds with foot problems.