Bird Toys: New Bird Toys 2012

New Bird Toys for 2012

Sea Grass Bird Toys

Check out our new selection of Super Bird Creations Bird Toys for Spring 2012!

  We especially love the fabulous new Sea Grass Based Foraging Bird Toys.  The Firecracker, Activity Pouch and Foraging Mat Bird Toys provide foraging fun with lots of cranny's for your bird to rummage through. 

While the Firecracker Bird Toy and the Activity Pouch Bird Toy have crinkled paper stuffing and assorted goodies for foraging, we recommend supplementing these bird toys with dried fruits and nuts to add to the fun. Try stuffing these bird toys with Volkman Fruit and Nut Goodies. Dried bird treats won't spoil in the bird toy, nor will they soil the bird toy.