FlightSuit Bird Diaper Sizes

Bird Diaper FlightSuit Sizing Guide

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Bird Diapers are available in 14 sizes. Find your parrot species to determine what size bird diaper is recommended.  Please text at the number on the right "pop out" with exact bird species if you have a question about sizes. 

Species of Parrot Bird Diaper Size
African Grey (Congo) X-Wide
African Grey (Timneh) Wide  
African Senegals Small  
Amazons X-Wide  
American Parakeets Petite  
Bare Eyed Cockatoo Wide Plus  
Blue & Gold Macaw Mammoth  
Blue Crown Conure Large  
Budgies (English) X-Small  
Caique Medium  
Cameron Congo X-Wide Plus  
Citron Cockatoo X-Wide  
Cockatiel Medium  
Cockatiel (baby < six months) Small  
Cockatoo (Citron) X-Wide  
Cockatoo (Eleonora) X-Large  
Cockatoo (Greater Sulpher Crested) Jumbo  
Cockatoo (Medium Sulpher Crested) X-Large  
Cockatoo (Moluccan) Jumbo  
Cockatoo (Umbrella) X-Large  
Cockatoo (Bare Eyed) Wide Plus  
Cockatoo (Ducorps) Wide Plus  
Cockatoo (Goffin) Wide  
Cockatoo (Lesser Sulpher Crested) X-Wide  
Congo African Grey X-Wide  
Conure (Blue Crown) Large  
Conure (Maroon Bellied) Medium  
Conure (Mitered) Large  
Conure (Naday) Large  
Conure (Patagonian) Large  
Conure (Sun) Medium  
Conure (White Eyed) Medium  
Conure Dusky Small  
Conure Green Cheeked Small  
Conure Jenday Small  
Crows Wide Plus  
Dove (Ring Neck) Small  
Dove (Ring Neck) Medium  
Ducorps Cockatoo Wide Plus  
Dusky Conure Small  
Eclectus (Grand) X-Wide Long  
Eclectus (Red Sided) X-Wide Plus  
Eclectus (Vos Maeri) X-Wide Long  
Eclectus Solomon X-Wide  
Eleonora Cockatoo X-Large  
Goffin Cockatoo Wide  
Grand Eclectus X-Wide Long  
Greater Sulpher Crested Cockatoo Jumbo  
Green Cheeked Conure Small  
Green Wing Macaw Colossal  
Hahns Macaw Large  
Indian Ring Necks Large  
Jardine Large  
Jenday Conure Small  
Lesser Sulpher Crested Cockatoo X-Wide  
Lories (Rainbow) Large  
Lories (Smaller) Medium  
Lovebirds (Most) X-Small  
Lovebirds (smaller) Petite  
Macaw (Blue &Gold) Mammoth  
Macaw (Green Wing) Colossal  
Macaw (Hahns) Large  
Macaw (Military) Mammoth  
Macaw (Scarlet) Mammoth  
Macaw (Severe) Wide Plus  
Macaw (Yellow Collared) Large  
Maroon Bellied Conure Medium  
Maxmillian Pionus Large  
Medium Sulpher Crested Cockatoo X-Large  
Military Macaw Mammoth  
Mitered Conures Large  
Moluccan Cockatoo Jumbo  
Moustache Parakeet Large  
Myers Parrot Small  
Naday Conure Large  
Parakeet (Alexandrine) Large  
Parakeet (Moustache) Large  
Parakeet American Petite  
Parrotlets Petite  
Patagonian Conures Large  
Pigeons Wide  
Pionus Large  
Quakers Medium  
Rainbow Lories Large  
Red Bellied Parrots Medium  
Red Headed Macaw Large  
Red Sided Eclectus X-Wide Plus  
Ring Neck Dove Small  
Scarlet Macaw Mammoth  
Severe Macaws Wide Plus  
Solomon Island Eclectus X-Wide  
Sun Conure Medium  
Timneh African Grey Wide  
Umbrella Cockatoo X-Large  
Vos Maeri Eclectus X-Wide Long  
Yellow Collared Macaw Large  
Light Lanyard Sizes Petite to Wide
Heavy Leash Sizes Wide + to Colassal
Small Liners Petite to Large
Large Liners Wide to Colassal