Bird Collars

Bird Collars for Feather Pickers and Wound Recovery

We recommend soft, hand-made customized fleece and leather bird collars to protect parrots from feather destructive behavior and promote wound healing. Shop for a variety of parrot e-collars, birdie bandana's, parrot poncho's and feather protectors for small through large pet birds.

Please note that while the majority of our customers who follow our training for acceptance strategies, (Please see homepage) see positive results with our bird collars, they do not work in every case.  You know your bird best. A very persistent bird will not accept the collar.  We can not guarantee that an intelligent bird that can crack open a nut, figure out a foraging toy or dismantle a cage lock will tolerate a bird collar, especially if not trained for acceptance.

All parrot collars and tube collars can be shipped to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK

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Bird Collars

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