Traveling with Your Bird

Traveling with Your Bird

By Diane Burroughs

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be thinking about a road trip.  Why not consider taking your bird on vacation?  Traveling with your bird is fun with some careful planning  A well socialized bird loves to travel.  If your bird is used to going on day trips it should adapt well to a family vacation. Your vacation can be a blast for everyone! Read on for some car travel tips with your bird.

What to bring:

  • A Sturdy, Well-ventilated Bird Carrier
  • A Bird Carrier Cover to Shield Bird From Sun
  • A Bird Harness
  • Jugs of Distilled Water
  • Mister Bottle to Keep Bird Cool
  • Bird Food & Treats
  • Bird Toys
  • Vet Records & Leg-band or Microchip Numbers

First things first - Practice loading and buckling the bird carrier in the back seat of your vehicle.  You may even want to take a spin around the block to make sure that the carrier stays secure in the seat.  Never put your bird in the front seat.  If the air bags go off your bird may not survive.  Click here for  help choosing a bird carrier.  You'll find a huge variety of bird carriers, from the clear Wingabago that lets your bird travel in an upright position to a backpack style bird carrier like the Pak O Bird.  Which ever style you choose, make sure that it is well ventilated.  Learn about setting up your travel itinerary here. 

Next, make sure that your bird is used to car travel.  Purchase a bird carrier several weeks before your trip and start taking your bird on fun, short trips.  Some people make the mistake of only using a bird carrier for trips to the vet so their bird is anxious in a bird carrier.  If you make trips fun, your bird will look forward to getting in it's carrier.  Same thing with harness training.  We strongly recommend that your bird is harness trained prior to embarking on vacation.  You don't want to risk a fly-off.

You may want to pack your bird travel supplies in a plastic tub for easy accessibility.  Keep the cover and mister bottle out and handy, as you may need them to keep your bird cool.  An over-heated bird looks distressed and pants.  Mist your bird down to keep it cool.  You'll enjoy the added benefit of less dander in your car, too.  You may want to purchase a sun shade for the window.  Every time you stop, check your bird in it's carrier to see how it is doing and to make sure that it has access to water.  Never leave your bird unattended in the car.  For one thing, cars heat up to deadly temperatures in the summer heat and for another thing, someone may snatch your precious pet.

As your are traveling and once you get to your destination you'll want to protect your bird from exposure to fumes.  Birds are very susceptible to fumes, so when filling up the gas tank, keep the car windows up.  Make sure that your hotel room doesn't smell like cleaning fumes, either.   You may want to ask the front desk to refrain from using cleaning chemicals during your stay.

Trudy in her Pak O Bird Carrier
Take Your Bird Along for Meal-time at an Outdoor Cafe.

When you reach your destination, spend as much time with your bird as possible.  Of course, it makes sense that your bird can't take part in all of your activities, but remember that your bird is in unfamiliar surroundings and it's normal routine has been upset.  Check out local cafe's that may offer outside seating so you can take your bird along during meals.  Trudy's family takes her on trips in her Pak O Bird Carrier.

It might be wise to keep a bird harness on your bird when it is out and about.   Even a well socialized bird might get startled in unfamiliar surroundings and attempt to fly off.  That's just instinct.  A bird harness comes in handy if you want to go on a stroll or a hike and your bird will appreciate out of cage time.  If you are new to traveling with your bird, make sure to clip it's wings before you embark on your journey.  No one wants their vacation to turn into a recovery effort in an unfamiliar city!

A Pak O Bird lets you carry your bird backpack style.  It opens up a world of opportunities at outside cafe's, day hikes and walks, festivals and more.

Let us know what your travel plans are with your bird and how you've planned a trip with your bird in our comments section.

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  • Diane Burroughs
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