Choosing Parrot Training Supplies

Choosing Parrot Training Supplies

Many parrot owners will agree that their pet’s behavior is the foundation of a rewarding relationship. It is the desire of every owner to be able to live in close confines, that they can handle their parrot safely and that they can easily handle the pet. When a parrot screams, bites and refuses to come out of the cage developing a training routine is in order. Parrot training can even help with feather picking. Parrot training ensures that the pet learns and develops the desired behavior. In this article, parrot training supplies are explained. Parrot training should take place over the course of your relationship with your pet. 

Training Perches

A training perch is a critical piece of parrot training equipment. The training perch should serve the best interests for the parrot and the owner as well. Here are two of excellent alternatives that a parrot pet owner can consider. 

1. The Percher

The Percher Parrot Training PerchThis is a table top, T-design and portable stand that can also be used for bird training. It is a universal perch that can be used for birds of all sizes. It is designed with a cone that helps to capture droppings. The Percher can be reconfigured into a finger saving perch where the cone prevents aggressive birds from biting the hand. The perch is easy to clean and the whole perch is made up of parts that can be reassembled into 7 different designs.The Percher has benefits that include that it can be modified easily to protect from bites but in its stand form, it is a distraction free perch. The lightweight portability makes it ideal for trips and perfect for a one person trained bird that is aggressive and or anxious. Generally, it helps the bird to stay focused during training. In terms of design, the Percher has a diameter of 8" and height of 11-1/2".

2. Travel and Training Stand

This is training and standing perch for parrots. It is designed with a T-perch on an aluminum tripod stand which allow perching of the bird at any safe place. Again, the simple, distraction free design fosters attention during training sessions. The simple, collapsible design makes the Tote Perch ideal for travel and trips since it allows training of the bird in a flexible manner. The training perch is light enough (weighs 2.8 lbs.) since it is made of lightweight aluminum. It comes with two fitted stainless steel cups on both ends of the T-frame so that the bird can be fed even when in remote places. Plus it comes with an easy to carry shoulder tote.

Training Treats

Always use positive research based bird training techniques like Clicker Training for Birds. The foundation of Clicker Training is marking the exact behavior you want repeated with a “clicker” and immediately rewarding the behavior with a coveted treat.

One way to find out what your particular birds favorite treat might be is to place several treats in a cup and observe which one the bird goes for first. Next, remove this treat from the bird’s routine diet and offer it only during training session. With proper training including treats; especially for screamers, one can develop a very intimate relationship with the bird in which the bird is taught vocalizations that it gets rewarded for.

The goal is to teach the bird that when it behaves in a way that is acceptable, it is rewarded. Teaching bird tricks is a great way to improve your bond with your bird and teach it fun antics to do that please you Some of the best training treats include papaya, small nut chips, pumpkin seed chips, other dried fruits.


Quick click and treat bird trainingA clicker is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand and emits a unique click sound when pressed. Clickers allow you to mark the exact behavior that you want your bird to reproduce. When the bird hears the click and immediately receives a treat reward, it quickly learns that the clicker is actually communicating to it that “hey, I like this. Do it again!” Clickers drastically speed up the training process, especially when you’re using behavior modification to teach a series of behaviors that require a bird to stretch its comfort level or think about the expected “trick.” We use clicker training to increase a feather picking birds comfort level in wearing a bird collar from being afraid to see the bird collar to fully accepting wearing it.


Clicker Training Book

Clicker training is one of the easiest yet results oriented behavior training methods for parrots. After getting the treats, the owner can use the clicker to condition the bird to associate a given sound with a certain treat. For example, a clicker sound can be associated with a certain behavior as a motivator for the bird to continue exhibiting the behavior. It is used as a tool for reinforcement and as such it is important to get all the clickers and associated treats right; and this is why a clicker training book comes in handy.

The Clicker Training for Birds kit is a companion for clicker training and it contains all the training information that a parrot owner can need to condition the bird. Importance of Props Performance Trainings The main aim of props training is to mentally stimulate the parrot, teach it alternative behaviors that please you, to enhance your trust and bond with your bird and to teach the bird to sustain its attention long enough to carry out a task. Some behaviors can be more wild than desirable and it becomes necessary to teach the parrot how to be more of a pet in the home. Some examples of behaviors that can be modified or eliminated using props training include:

  1. Feather  Plucking
  2. Anxiety and shyness
  3. Excessive screaming and biting 
  4. Poor social skills

Good luck with your parrot training session. Taking the time to train your parrot every day, even if it is only for 5 minutes will make dramatic changes in your relationship with your bird and in its disposition.

If you have comments or ideas about bird training supplies that have worked for you please let us know!

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  • Diane Burroughs