Feather Plucking Solutions

What Our Customers Are Saying...

The foam collars & plastic cone collars just didn't work for us. The fleece design was perfectly soft. I could cut and modify it. My cockatoo adapted to it readily and her shoulder laceration was able to heal without further vet visits. Great product and hopefully I won't have to use one again. Thanks for a wonderful product and great customer service. 

I bought of a soft bird collar for mild pluckers. It is actually the second one we have bought from you, the first was a couple of months ago. When received, we thought its diameter was a little large, compared to the hard plastic one our vet had supplied when our Galah first started picking her shoulder feathers. e trimmed the edges back. Coila took to wearing it quite readily which was good, unlike the horrible plastic one. She even started preening the top layer of fleece rather than pick at herself. We noticed that because of the soft nature of the collar she is occasionally able to get at the area which needs to recover. Hence, ordering another which we will leave as full size. 

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