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Which Calming Supplement Stops Screaming Best?

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Question: What do you think this is the best calming product for a screamer, or is there one that you would recommend more? (He's not a picker.... just a screamer!)

Shhh! Calming Formula has good results but so does Herbal Relaxation Formula. Both are made from a blend of homeopathic herbs and flowers. They both contain chamomile. If you have the inclination, order both and try one for a week and the other for a week.  Each bird may react differently to different formula's. 

I highly recommended that while bird is in a calmer state, with the bird calming medicine, you very much concentrate on developing behavior modification techniques that reward quiet behavior with attention, clicker & treats.  Often times, our bird is getting some kind of benefit from screaming but you can take the opportunity to turn that around while using the calming medication.

>h4>How To Train A Bird To Stop Screaming

  1. Teach your bird a "calling whistle" and call it often throughout the day so that it knows where you are at. It needn't be fancy.  Just listen to your pets natural tones when it is trying to locate you.  I started Smokey off with "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" as a baby his call is is the first three notes of the song.
  2. Talk and whistle to your bird in a cheerful tone when it is quiet frequently throughout the day.Reward the returned quiet whistles.
  3. Attend and reward "quieter behavior" (i.e. whistles, words) 5 to 10 times more often than you are used to doing. Go over and offer a papaya dice or a scritch on the head. Hand the bird a foot toy. Simple and frequent socialization gestures go a long way toward relieving lonely, attention getting or anxiety related screaming. 
  4. Ignore screams by not acknowledging, looking at or otherwise engaging your bird - but immediately attend to bird as soon as it stops screaming.

Sample of Redirecting A Parrot From Screaming

Peachy was screaming right during the NCAA Play Off's this weekend.  It had to stop!  Okay, I admit it!  I was screaming at the TV, too!  He was simply following suite.

As soon as he was quiet, I engaged him.  He had been playing with a bead so I stuffed it with a treat, whistled softly.  He got the picture!

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