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Peachy Trying to Figure Out the PVC Foraging Toy

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Peachy has been working on this toy for about 4 weeks.  He chewed off the plastic lids, but still love digging in it.  Today, I put a half of a shelled walnut inside. 

Peachy worked on this for about 5 minutes. I was able to capture the last 30+ seconds of him checking out this new bird foraging toy - ideal foraging toy for larger parrots - Super Bird Creations PVC Forager...

Can you believe that this is the bird that got Avian Gastric Yeast last year and almost died 5 times?  He is the reason that I developed a line of soft bird collars. The fungal infection was so miserable that he started feather picking.  You wouldn't know it today!  Thanks Dr. Roeder & Dr. LaBonde!

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QUESTION: Why is my parrot chewing its feet until they bleed?

 Answer:  This is a great question.  We've had a couple of inquires about this very issue this week when customers called to purchase a bird collar. You’re right to be concerned!  There are a couple of reasons why birds may chew or bite their feet.  Generally, when it comes to a bird self-mutilation, we look [...]

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Birdie Bowl! Tail-shaking Tailgating Treats Take Polly Off The Sideline

Prepare to make humans really, really jealous and the birds squawking happy! Why? Because this bird treat has been a huge hit with the BirdSupplies.com flock! Really. These #HealthyParrotTreats are just "TOO HOT"! We  couldn't snap the pictures fast enough before our birds grabbed them up like they were little piranha's.  Our SeaHawk Parrot Poppers are [...]

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My African Grey Screeches Every Time I Leave The Room!

Customer Asks: My African Grey has picked up screeching upon someone leaving the room/out of his eyesight. I can't even go to the bathroom without his loud high pitched yells. It's almost like an alarm yell, asking where I am and if/when I don't respond after three seconds he repeats. It's not a constant screaming so I wouldn't [...]

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Parrot Screaming Advice

As with other flock animals, parrots require a lot of interaction to maintain their mental health. This is because when they are in the wild, they are in constant communication with each other, sometimes across vast swathes of jungle. It is, therefore, quite natural for parrots to be noisy, vocal animals that scream for attention. In fact, parrots cannot be [...]

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10 Ways To Make Your Parrot Happy

#HappyParrot Parrots are loud, noisy, messy at times, and don’t always know when it’s time to give you some peace. But they are also fun, charming, kind, intelligent little bundles of joy to anyone lucky enough to have one in their home. They are like children who don’t really grow up but they also provide so [...]

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Cooked Bird Food May Aid In Converting A Seed Junkie To Pellets

Cooked Bird FoodWhy Feed Cooked Bird FoodWarm, nutrition packed cooked bird food from Crazy Corn, Goldenfeast and othersNatural, low fat moist cooking blends chock full of nutritious ingredients birds loveA tasty alternative to pelletsHave you noticed how bird pellets often end up in the water cup? Parrots love warm, moist bird food. It reminds [...]

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Tiny Yet Enriching Bird Toys For Budgies

Tiny Yet Enriching Budgie ToysHearty little budgies have small beaks but lots of energy. These small pet birds are actually ground feeding birds in the wild. They prefer to forage through thin bladed grasses and stringy plant materials.Planet Pleasures Parakeet Sized Bird ToysYou can't beat parakeet sized toys from Planet Pleasures. They are the premiere [...]

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​How Bird Training Helps Solve Parrot Problems

YES! Teaching bird tricks actually solves bird behavior problems. Think about it. Parrots need socialization. And, parrots are smart. Teaching parrot bird tricks requires "couple time" - working with your parrot for several minutes each day. Short bursts of time spent teaching bird tricks meets your pet birds intellectual and socialization [...]

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Feather Picking Parrots: Tips To Manage Feather Plucking

Tips To Manage Feather Picking in Parrots Do you have a not-so-fine feathered friend? Has your parrot gone bird brained? Seriously, has your beloved pet resorted to feather plucking?  Feather picking parrots often do so for a variety of reasons and the problem ranges from mild feather picking to devastating self mutilation and biting the skin. Understanding [...]

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