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Parrot Feather Protector - Feather Plucking Vest

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  • Feather Protector
  • Bird Feather Protector
  • Parrot Feather Protector
Avian Fashions

 Product Description

Feather Plucking Vest Covers Chest & Back - Deters Mild Picking To Allow Feather Regrowth

  • Designed for MILD chest and back pluckers.
  • Velcro attachment with elastic straps over wings for easy attachment.
  • Lightweight with soft liner to protect tender skin. 

Learn How To Train Your Bird To Wear The Feather Protector.


BirdSupplies.com Hint:

The Feather Protector feather plucking vest deters your bird from picking it's chest area. Barriers do NOT address the underlying causes of feather picking behavior. Therefore, the don't soothe irritated skin, solve nutritional deficits or lower anxiety related feather plucking.  We recommend that you treat the underlying cause of feather plucking while you use a barrier to protect feather regrowth.
To learn best practice to stop feather plucking, check out our publication, Understanding Feather Picking in Parrots.

 What Causes Feather Picking?

Skin Irritation / Damaged Feather Follicles May Instigate Feather Picking Or Excessive Scratching

If you've ever had mosquito bite, you remember that Band-Aids don't stop the itch but just make it more difficult to scratch.  Your feather picking parrot may need a skin soothing agent like AviX Soother Spray for minor irritation or AviX Soother Ointment to address lesions.

Malnutrition and Nutritional Deficits Instigate Feather Picking

Parrots with nutritional deficits or allergies experience skin irritation and itching, just as we do. Consider avian nutritional supplements like: AviVita Plus, Nekton Bio or Featheriffic.  Supplement your birds diet with Calcium rich veggies & vitamin A packed greens

Anxiety And Boredom May Cause Feather Picking

Birds have strong, instinct based needs to stay busy with foraging activities and socialization. When these needs are not met, your bird will experience anxiety and may turn to feather picking or other compulsive behaviors to relieve the stress.  If you've ever had a compulsive habit such as picking at nails or biting cheek skin, Band Aids don't stop the compulsion.  AviCalm is an excellent, bird safe, homeopathic supplement to decrease anxiety and agitation. Birds with calcium imbalance are also known to become nervous and potentially engage in feather plucking.

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