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Parrot Training Books and Video's

How does bird training help?
In the wild parrots instinctively have several behaviors that account for their survival as a species. For instance "screaming" is a form of communicating with flock members. Unfortunately, some of a parrots innate behaviors don't work well in a home environment

But, because parrots are so intelligent and social, bird training will help you prevent unwanted behaviors from developing and will help you teach your parrot more appropriate ways to get your attention  Bird training will help you eliminate parrot behavior problems once they've become a habit. Behaviors such as screaming, biting, and phobia's can all be effectively managed with proper bird training. We offer several excellent bird training books and video's to meet your bird training needs.

Can training  bird tricks make my parrot a better pet?
A parrot that learns bird tricks will be a much better pet. According to Irene Pepperberg's famous research with Alex the African Grey, pet bird's have the intelligence of 3 to 5 year old children. They require mental stimulation to remain emotionally healthy. So, parrot training tricks will make for a happy parrot and parrot training will help you and your parrot bond more closely!  Training parrot tricks will teach your parrot to look for positive ways to please you.

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